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UPSC Essay Topics

The Upsc Essay Topics change every year, and aspirants are never sure what they will be. They can be about things like how the economy is doing, how women can be stronger, art and culture, or how the media affects us. Moreover, it’s a good idea to look at the essay questions from previous years to get an idea of what might be asked. This will help you practice writing essays and do well in the exam. With enough practice, you can become good at writing essays for the UPSC exam.

Furthermore, the IAS Essay section is very important in the UPSC exam. It contains 250 marks, and you must write two essay questions in three hours, each 1000 to 1200 words. Additionally, to prepare, it’s a good idea to look at previous upsc essay papers to understand what essay topics upsc might come up in the exam.

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UPSC Essay Topics 2024

The UPSC essay paper is one of the nine papers in the UPSC Mainsexam. It’s a chance for candidates to share their opinions on social, economic, and political issues. UPSC usually chooses topics that are either related to current events or have a big impact on society. Moreover, some important IAS essay topics for the UPSC exam could include:

  • Innovation
  • Development
  • Education
  • Democracy
  • Urbanisation
  • Globalisation
  • Bureaucracy/Civil Service
  • Constitution
  • Water Security
  • Tourism
  • Media
  • Judiciary
  • Poverty/Hunger/Food Security
  • Human Resources- Employment
  • Religion
  • Social Media
  • Privacy/Surveillance

UPSC Essay Topics: Previous Year Question Paper

Having access to the previous year’s essay topics can be useful. It gives you an idea of the types of essays asked in previous years. Moreover, That’s why we’ve provided the UPSC essay topics from the previous year’s UPSC question paper below.

  • UPSC Essay Topics for year 2022
  • UPSC Essay Topics for year 2021
  • UPSC Essay Topics for year 2020
  • UPSC Essay Topics for year 2019
  • UPSC Essay Topics for year 2018

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UPSC Essay Topics: Topic wise

Here, we will discuss different UPSC Essay Topics that are frequently asked in the UPSC Examination.

UPSC Essay Topics on Administration 

If you want to prepare for Polity and Administration topics for the UPSC exam, you can start by reading books on Polity and Public Administration. Moreover, these books provide basic information about relevant issues and their history, which can be useful when writing essay questions on Polity and Public Administration for the UPSC exam. Some UPSC essay topics on these topics could include:

  1. Is autonomy the best answer to combat balkanisation?
  2. Politics without ethics is a disaster.
  3. Judicial activism and Indian democracy.
  4. The language politics in India: its past, present, and future.
  5. Is a better disaster management system need of the hour?
  6. Cooperative federalism: Myth or reality.
  7. Need for transparency in public administration.
  8. The VIP cult is a bane of Indian democracy.

UPSC Essay Topics on Science and Technology

To write an essay on Science and Technology topics for the UPSC exam, you can start by following current affairs related to this field. You can also refer to books on Science and Technology for UPSC to get a multidimensional perspective. Moreover, some possible Science and Tech UPSC essay topics could include:

  1. The modern doctor and his patients.
  2. The process of self-discovery has now been technologically outsourced.
  3. Alternative technologies for a climate change-resilient India.
  4. Technology cannot replace manpower.
  5. Social media is inherently a selfish medium.
  6. Value-based science and education.
  7. Cyberspace and Internet: Blessing or curse to the human civilisation in the long run.
  8. The lure of space.
  9. Spirituality and scientific temper.
  10. The march of science and the erosion of human values.
  11. The cyberworld: Its charms and challenges.
  12. Science and Mysticism: Are they compatible?

UPSC Essay Topics on Women Empowerment

UPSC encourages gender equality in the workplace and often includes essay topics related to women. The UPSC Essay topics aims to understand the candidate’s level of critical thinking and ability to express their thoughts. Including data, references, and real-life examples can help earn extra marks while writing essays. Moreover, some possible UPSC essay topics related to women and women empowerment could include:

  1. Challenges and Prospects of Women Empowerment
  2. Ground realities of the new emerging women power
  3. Fulfillment of ‘new woman’ in India is a myth.
  4. Is the Indian working woman getting a fair deal- Managing work and home?
  5. Hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
  6. What if all the developed countries had women as their heads?
  7. Greater political power alone will not improve women’s plight.
  8. Whither women’s emancipation?

UPSC Essay Topics on Indian Culture & Society

The UPSC essay topics related to Indian society, art, and culture are always diverse. To prepare for these topics, candidates can read basic books on society that are typically referred to during the exam. Moreover, you can also use Art & Culture Notes for UPSC to help with your preparation. Some possible UPSC essay topics related to Indian culture and society are:

  1. Are new cults and godmen threats to the traditional religion?
  2. Modernism and our traditional socio-ethical values.
  3. Indian society is at a crossroads.
  4. The composite culture of Indian society
  5. Where the Youth culture of today is heading towards
  6. As civilisation progresses, culture declines.

UPSC Essay Topics on Philosophical Type

Every year, UPSC includes two or more UPSC essay topics related to philosophical thoughts, Indian philosophical schools, or quotes from famous personalities. Students can refer to Philosophy Books for UPSC to prepare for these topics to gain a basic background. Moreover, some possible UPSC essay topics related to philosophy or quotes from famous personalities are:

  1. Be the change you want to see in others.
  2. Reality does not conform to the ideal but confirms it.
  3. The paths of glory lead but to the grave.
  4. Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds.
  5. If youth knew if age could.
  6. Useless life is an early death.
  7. Search for truth can only be attained through spiritual means.
  8. Lending hands to someone is better than giving a dole.
  9. Words are sharper than a two-edged sword

UPSC Essay Topics on Education

Education is a popular UPSC essay topics, and almost every year, an essay related to education is asked in the paper. Moreover, to prepare for this topic, staying updated with current affairs and major changes and developments related to the field is important. Some possible UPSC essay topics related to education for UPSC could include:

  1. Privatisation of the higher education system in India.
  2. Does growth in literacy correspond to growth in education?
  3. Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather make a man a more clever devil.
  4. Concept of Real Education
  5. Restructuring of the Indian education system with respect to the NEP
  6. The destiny of a nation is shaped in its classrooms.
  7. Education for all”: myth or reality.

UPSC Essay Topics on Economic Growth

UPSC frequently includes IAS essay topics on economic growth, development, and the MNC (multi-national corporation) sector. To prepare for these topics, candidates can refer to Economy Notes for UPSC to get a general overview of the subject. Moreover, once you grasp the basics well, you can add examples, data, and figures to make your essay more multi-dimensional. Some possible UPSC essay topics related to economics for UPSC could include:

  • Can tourism be the next big thing for India?
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product) along with GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) should be the right indices for judging the well-being of a country.
  • Are the Multinational corporations saviours or saboteurs?
  • Is the Digital economy a leveller or a source of economic inequality?
  • Is it the policy paralysis or the paralysis of implementation which slowed the growth of our country?
  • Future of BPO Culture in India
  • Crisis faced in India – moral or economic.
  • Is the near jobless growth in India an anomaly or an outcome of economic reforms?

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Upsc Essay Topics: Things to keep in mind

Writing is a way to show how you think. When an examiner reads your essay, they can understand your thought process. An essay is a well-structured set of ideas on a specific topic. Moreover, to score well on the UPSC Essay paper, it’s important to practice and be persistent. The essay is about factual knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking. To score well on the UPSC Essay paper, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Right Essay

The UPSC Essay paper has two sections, and you have to write one essay from each section. Both essays have 125 marks each and must be 1000-1200 words. Before choosing a topic, it’s important to reflect on it and consider if it’s too controversial or if you have enough information to write about it.

  1. Examine the Topic

When you select UPSC Essay Topics, it’s important to take some time to think about the topic and write down the main keywords that you will use in your essay. This will help you organise your thoughts and ensure you cover all the key points.

Taking a multidimensional approach is important when writing your essay, which means considering different perspectives and angles.

Additionally, structure your essay clearly and concisely, with an introduction that sets the stage for the rest of the essay, a body that covers your main points, and a conclusion that summarises your key ideas and leaves a lasting impression on the reader.

  1. Structure well

The introduction is a crucial part of the UPSC Essay Topics and should provide a brief idea about the topic. It should convey your perspective on the topic. The essay’s main body should be divided into well-connected small paragraphs. The language should be simple, clear, and easy to comprehend.

Moreover, the focus should be on critical thinking rather than using complex vocabulary. If necessary, include relevant facts and data. Using quotes and sayings can add weight to the essay. The conclusion should be clear and concise. While writing, strive for a neutral or balanced approach.

The following articles given in the table below can be referred to for UPSC IAS exam preparation:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1: Do UPSC Topics get repeated?

Ans: That’s correct. While UPSC may repeat essay topics from previous years, they are likely to ask a different question with the exact same wording. Instead, they may tweak the language or focus of the question slightly to test a candidate’s understanding and analytical skills. Moreover, it is also true that certain topics, such as history, economics, and Indian polity, tend to be asked more frequently than others.

Q2: How many essay questions are asked in the upsc essay paper?

Ans: The UPSC Essay Paper consists of two sections, each containing four to five essay topics. Candidates need to choose one essay topic from each section and write an essay of 1000 to 1200 words on each topic. Moreover, each essay is worth 125 marks, and the total mark for the UPSC Essay Paper is 250.

Q3: How can I write a good essay for UPSC?

Ans: Keeping notes and staying updated with current affairs is crucial in developing a deep understanding of various topics. Reading books, journals, and other publications related to the UPSC Essay Topics can also help enhance knowledge and vocabulary. Moreover, ractising writing essays regularly and getting feedback from mentors or peers to improve writing skills is also important.

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